Bit Vessel, is a legacy-free, type 2 hypervisor. BitVessel was engineered to take advantage of the isolation of virtual machines while also encompassing the deployment benefits of containers. We took a new approach to virtualization by getting rid of legacy devices that are no longer needed for cloud workloads. This approach creates a fast and secure alternative for today’s needs.

BitVessel Security

Increased security over containers

  • No shared Linux Kernel
  • Virtual hardware isolation
  • Secure for multi-tenant environments

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BitVessel Control

Increased control over containers

  • Start, stop, and pause instances
  • Hot plug FS, Networking, and Packages
  • Detailed statistics & logging

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BitVessel Images

Support for popular container images

  • Support for Docker Hub Images
  • Ability to share host OS as a image
  • Overlay write file systems for images

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BitVessel Kernels

Run standard Linux Kernels

  • Kernel repository images
  • Load specified kernel version with OS image
  • No shared Kernel between guest & host

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BitVessel Packages

Simple application packages

  • Create application packages
  • Run a shared application package across instances
  • Update application packages in a single place

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BitVessel Demo Video

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